Kari Kiel


Why is it so important to “plug into the community”?  This is what marketing is all about today.  It’s not about air cover, or fancy print ads…it’s about genuinely collaborating with your customers and the local community. 

People value their time.  They look for convenience. They shop at locations that feel more like their neighborhood then a shopping mall.  These “mixed-use, open air” retail environments are flourishing (where typical mall visits are down 20%). And “people talk”!  They go online to get information about products, services, where to shop, what to do…and then they share this information with their friends.  So, to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace you not only have to “satisfy” your customers, but you have to knock-their-socks off.  Provide real value.  Through the entire experience.  Because they will not go out of their way to find you.

Plug into your neighbors. Collaborate with like-minded brands to create value through cross-promotions. This not only allows you to extend your budget but also results in added value across the board.  This makes customers happy and gets them talking, and coming back for more.  Soon your shopping area will become a social hub, not only a place to shop…but a place where people meet for coffee, work and play.

Plug into the media. Offer customers a chance to “give-back” to local charities or host events for non-profits. Often people are looking for an opportunity to make a difference but don’t have the outlet to do so.  These kinds of activities are what local media thrives on, and initiatives like this will create “buzz” about you throughout the community.

At the end of the day “market activation” ties back in to the original decisions you make….identifying the right retail location.  So before you sign your lease, let us help you see your plan through execution.  Together we’ll identify opportunities to “plug in. Is there a potential for collaboration with like-minded brands? Can you add value to your neighbors & their customers?  Can we launch cross-promotions and activities to engage customers? Can we create a comfortable environment that will bring shoppers back again-and-again?  Can we partner with local charities to create community good will and gain attention from local media?

Look at the big picture. The “community picture” – not just your store and the overall experience will be more rewarding for everyone.



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